10,72 (Rigaud 1568)

L'an mil neuf cens nonante neuf sept mois,
Du ciel viendra vn grand Roy deffraieur,
Resusciter le grand Roy d'Angolmois,
Auant apres Mars regner par bon heur.
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Variants with other editions:

1566 (antedated): d'effrayeur aprés bon-heur
1600: d'effrayeur bon-heur
1605: d'effrayeur bonheur
1644: cents d'effrayeur
1668: d'effrayeur Angoulmois
1697: un d'effrayeur Ressusciter Avant aprés

Literal translation

The year one thousand nine hundred ninety-nine seven months,
From the sky will come a great King of fear,
To revive the great King of Angoulême,
Before after Mars to reign by good fortune.


1. APN Authors (alt.prophecies.nostradamus)

Michael Johnathan McDonald

DM (diowzaz@dawZaz.com)

2. Published Authors*

De Fontbrune (father and son) and Laroche-Valmont
Louis Shlosser
Mireille Corjava
John Hogue
Maurice Poulin
Serge Hutin
Erica Cheetham
Peter Lemesurier
Jean Guernon

* These authors may have changed opinions in later publications.

Published Authors

The two de Fontbrune thought about the aerial invasion of France in July 1999, whereas a ferocious war should have raged.
Laroche-Valmont renchérit while pronouncing itself/themselves definitely for the end of a world to this moment. However, Jean-Charles speaks of the possibility that it was about the descendant of François Ier, and sees China and his/her/its allies that enter in war, with the Antichrist to their head, there again.

For Shlosser, it would be above all about the death of Henri II in July 1559. Nostradamus would have substituted the 5 at 9 to overlook the event.

Mireille Corjava thinks about a controlled aerial invasion by a new Attila, early in October 1999.

For John Hogue, it is also about a descendant of Gengis Khan and the last conflagration.

Maurice Poulin in fact a very advanced analysis, in which he sees an allusion amongst others to the eclips of August 11, 1999 «for the "Great  King of fright".

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Serge Hutin has the precise dating noticed: 1999, the seventh month. He doesn't pronounce himself on the identity of the Great King of fright.

Cheetham sees the third Antichrist and the destruction of the civilized world there.

Lemesurier sees the refinancing of plans and strengths of the invasion of Europe to come, or a papal tentative to calm invaders.

Roberts sees a world revolution there.

Jean Guernon, sees the Engagement of China on the nuclear test ban during a long awaited visit of Zian Zemin in France, in 1999 (between the mid-October and the mid-November), when Jhiang Zémin renews ties with France (see below for more about this interpretation*).

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*Commentaries from Jean Guernon

It is necessary since the departure to note that the year didn't start January first until 1564; according to "Chronique de l'humanité" under the title «In France, the year begins henceforth January 1st»: Paris, 1st January 1564. (...) In the XlIe century, the church fixed the First of the year to the vigil of Easter. The Julian year was adopted for the civil necessities, but the church complicated it with one lunar year for the religious feast determination. The decree promulgated by Charles IX establishes the abandonment of the Easter style for the one of Jesus' circumcision, feast celebrated January 1st by the Catholic church.»

Given the shift between the Julian calendar, in force in 1555 and the actual Gregorian, it lead us end of October, beginning November for the seventh month (there is an addtional almost two weeks to add for the gap between the actual Gregorian and the then Julian calendar). Angolmois that comes from the Angoumois word (of Angoulême, small county of France) would be a reference to the lineage of kings of France since François Ier and, by extension, to the Leader of the country of France. In most interpretations, it is about a great king of fright seen in many quatrains by Michel Dufresne (6,24), as a frightful monarch.

It in fact is, as far as I can see, the visit by plane of Jiang Zemin in France (of October 22 to October 26, 1999). He came to rekindle with (it is necessary to read to revive (i.e. relations) [re-susciter] and not to rescucitate) the actual French monarch, in order to lay out the premiss of the pacific intentions of China, while taking, prominent point of this visit, the engagement to ratify the treaty on the nuclear test ban, that was confirmed at the time of a joint press conference the Monday 25 October 1999, allowing thus that reigns inbetween wars in the future occur in good fortune, i.e. without the generalized radiations from nuclear conflagrations between wars to come. It reassured humanity as for its possible survival in spite of these four terrifying wars to come.

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