The ancesters de Nostradamus
According to Dr Edgar Leroy & Mstr E. Lhez

Astruge de Carcassone
Vital maried with Astrugie Massip 
Davin, then Amauton de Vélorgues 
maried with Venguessonne ........?
Pierre de Nostredame, converted around 1455
maned with:
I - Stella Crescas
2 - Asbugue Gassonet (répudiée)
3 - Blanche de Sainte-Marie,d'où:
Gautier de Falleran
(half-brother of Pierre)
Jaumee de Nostredame maried with Reynière de Saint-Remy 
François de Nostredame 
Pierre de Nostredame d'Arles
Catherine de Nostredame 
Baréholomé de Nostredame 
Marguerite de Nostredame mariée avec Pierre Joannis
de Nostredame
de Nostredame dit
de Nostredame
de Nostredame
de Nostredame
de Nostredame
de Nostredame
de Nostredame
de Nostredame


The Paternal grand father converted long before Michel's birth.

Before his conversion before 1455, his name was Guy Gassonet son of Arnauton de Velorgues, and had had a former wife (Stella Crescas) and now was with Astruge Gassonet. So he had became Peyrotus de Notredame as he wanted to become a Christian. But his daughter didn't want to become Christian!!!

So he decided to repudiate his wife in order to become christian!!! he had this right, he repudiates her, BY CONVICTION!

(All those that say he wasn't convinced are completely off.)

So this new Christian undid his marriage by contract a contract of de-marriage! On June 14th 1463. So now he's Pierre de Notre Dame alias de Ste-Marie was a good tradesman.

Not a doctor! A good tradesman. And so became his son at first... But let's not anticipate:So, this good Christian married another good Christian, Blanche de Sainte-Marie from whom he got Jaume and 5 other children.

Jaume (Jacques) was born in around 1470.

He became at first like his father, a tradesman. a damn good christian, he was a notary, a penpusher and  a clerk of the court of Saint-Remy-de-Provence.

The mother of Nostradamus, Renée, was the grand daughter of Jean de St-Remy, who was a doctor in St-Remy, but she was the daughter of René & Beatrice Tourrel (both good Chrtistians) and nowhere can be found the trace that René was a doctor like his father!

It also seems that there was a dissenssion between Jacques Tourrel and the Dr Jean de St-Rémy, about the dowry, which Jacques expected 55 florins, but the feud was dealt down from to an firendly debt of 50 florins. (fiou ;-))

Anyway Jaume and Renée had many children besides Nostradamus...

Once again the rest of Nostradamus History is more interesting than even the gross lies the sons of Nostredame themselves made up and the exegets followed up through...

But that's another story for now... to come up here soon... maybe...